Outside Albuquerque

Sunlight creeps in through openings in the windows and windscreen and tickles my eyelids. I wake up in the front passenger seat in a dusty silver Honda Accord. The first thing I do after I wake up is check the time on my phone. We are late. We were supposed to be up by 5,…Read more Outside Albuquerque


My mom used to tell me of a time when you could smell pyre burning in a funeral in the Shankhamool ghat from our house in Buddhanagar. On a certain gloomy morning, you could almost hear people mourning as the smell of human flesh burning spread in the air. A kilometer away from my home,…Read more Graveyards

Growing up with Demons in Kathmandu

What do you deduce about a city from the fact that there are temples on every street, on every block in the city? There are a lot of demons. And we carry them around, wherever we go. A lot of our prayers are constant battles with these demons. This Saturday, I participated in a small…Read more Growing up with Demons in Kathmandu

Why School Doesn’t Suck While Schools Very Well do

In a recent StartEdUp podcast episode, educator Don Wettrick discussed an important question. "If we just invented school tomorrow, like it somehow never existed, what would we start with? Or, metaphorically, if we burned school to the ground, what would we start if we had to start all over?" Now take some time to think…Read more Why School Doesn’t Suck While Schools Very Well do